My Values/Mission

The personal values I regard as most important in my life and in my business are integrity and professionalism, which guide me in providing moral and ethical advice to my clients.  Other important values include being patient with clients during the planning process, showing passion for the important work I do, and being competent by continually staying abreast of current financial strategies and solutions that are aimed at effectively meeting my client's retirement goals.

My mission is to utilize my many years of experience and understanding of longevity issues to help my clients to transition from their Accumulation Life Phase into their Retirement Distribution Phase, by providing objective and conservative retirement income planning.  My passion is working with healthcare professionals, who are age 50 or older, and who desire and value my professional advice.  My primary purpose is to help protect my clients, and their families, from financial catastrophies and to keep them from running out of money in retirement.  I believe the key to a successful retirement is consistent, tax-efficient lifetime income, and I accomplish this by beginning to transition my clients' thinking, and some of their investments, from growth assets into guaranteed income solutions long before their retirement party.